Gentleman’s Challenge #1 REC vs MED

Welcome to the first Gentleman’s Challenge, where I’ll pit cannabis from DC’s recreational scene  against that available in the DC medical dispensaries.  If you’re a grower and you think your buds are better than the rest, hit us up at Capital Canna News and we’ll put it to the test!
Today we’ll feature King Weedy’s OG Kush against Abatin Wellness’, which they’re branded Northeast OG.  King Weedy is gifting souvenirs at the National Cannabis Fest tomorrow and you can find Abatin’s strains in all five of our local dispensaries.  They offer excellent value at their price point, around $55-$65/eighth, not including 10% DC medicine tax.
Bag appeal goes to the Northeast OG, but it’s close.  I prefer the dense nuggets of Abatin’s version over the airier KW buds, but KW’s still has good heft.  Reminds me of Abatin’s PineTrak, in fact.
Northeast OG has a delicious hint of sugar; King Weedy’s is mustier, but both share the earthy OG Kush scent I’ve come to know.
Let’s talk effects.  Both are great examples of this strain and provide a heavy, but not overwhelming, euphoria that tethers your mind to the present.  That’s why I love this strain, it does a fantastic job lifting you out of depression without becoming anxious or paranoid.  King Weedy’s leans more indica and would be better for the early evening, but I could get my chores done on it.  Abatin’s version is more sativa and is a fantastic daytime medicine, but I can still chill on the weekends with it.  Both are similarly potent.
I am impressed with this grow from King Weedy!  I’ve tried some other flowers from the rec scene in the past year that didn’t compare to the potency available in the dispensary, but the King’s OG Kush is a scrapper!  In the end, I’ve got to give the win to Abatin- a functional daytime strain is more difficult to find than something to chill with, but I honestly think you can’t go wrong with either on this one, folks.
Til next time, be kind!
Joe Tierney
IG @gentlemantoker