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Capital Canna News (CCN) has been tirelessly covering the legal cannabis industry in Washington D.C.  It is CCN’s mission to create an independent, unbiased, and professional source for cannabis news. There is no buying your way into CCN like with other publications and we are not a marketing entity for the cannabis industry.

While our commitment to journalistic integrity helps us provide quality unbiased coverage, it does put our organization at a disadvantage. We require funds to continue our coverage and expand it as the DMV’s cannabis industry grows.  Since we do not let people buy their way into CCN we must appeal to members of the community to help continue our mission.

Your donations will go towards helping CCN purchase new equipment. The donations will also go towards hiring new Journalists to help make sure CCN doesn’t miss a thing in our cities cannabis industry.

What we are doing in the nation’s capital is nothing short of history in the making. Help make sure the world sees us as we blaze a trail into the world of legal recreational cannabis. Please donate today!

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