Secret Cup Concentrate Entry #3 Review

13147396_234559043576472_36004718341551023_oOpening jars in no particular order, I decided to try entry #3. My first impression of this shatter is that I could see through it. Excited, I gave it a sniff- wufgh. It’s not pleasant, but not prominent, either. Undaunted, I loaded it onto a fresh ceramic bowl and pressed Play.

Ok, it tastes way worse than it smells. Is this the infamous Dog Shit strain I’ve heard about? It’s like it traveled here in some bike messenger’s shorts. It really is gross. There is a true clarity to the taste that tells me that it is the strain itself, not some problem during production.

It redeems itself with its medical effects, though. This batch is a sativa-leaning hybrid. If you are looking for an energetic daytime concentrate that leaves you clear-headed while buoying you against stress and anxiety, this entry does a fantastic job. I’d guess it has a healthy bit of THCV in it, as I haven’t felt my blood sugars drop and bring on the munchies hours after my first dose. Or maybe the milkshake I drank first took care of that.

I would absolutely give this a go through my Strain Rotation based on effects alone, but that taste is too much to get past. Gotta be able to find something that does the same thing but isn’t so foul.- JT

My Secret Cup Score- 6/10