Secret Cup Concentrate Entries #14 & #15 Review

SecCuprev2Now, I don’t want y’all to think I’m trying to make a name for myself pissing on other people’s oil. This Gentleman is no hater. I enthusiastically endorse medicine I think is top quality and that is definitely the case with two of the shatters submitted (that I’ve tried so far!), Entry #14 and Entry #15.

Entry #14 is pictured on the left. The clarity is excellent. It is extremely stable- I can touch it with my fingers with almost nothing transferred. That’s probably how it got the black spot in the picture. The smell and terps are both muted, but not bad.

The reason Entry #14 earns my top marks is because of it’s medical benefits. This hybrid right here is why I got into concentrates. It hits you with an extremely potent euphoria that forces me to put it down before the vape is cashed. Anxiety and depression don’t even exist in my mind when I have medicine like this. It is literally what I’ve been waiting for my entire life. The last time I had this was from a local producer and it was Green Skunk. That was much terpier, though. Hey, C, if you’re out there reading, get at me!

On the downside, I felt so good from #14 that I lost something important and spent an hour outside looking for it. I didn’t really mind, though. So you should definitely save this strain for when you don’t have to think much.

So let’s talk about Entry #15. This shatter has even greater clarity but it is a little sticky. Still handles just fine. It is difficult, but I think I can make out the sweet, earthy notes of OG Kush. The terpenes are absolutely delicious.

What I really love about it is that it provides enough of a lift to work just as well as #14 against anxiety and depression while leaving you clear-headed enough to handle business. I’ve been using #15 as I write this piece. It’s a functional daytime medicine and that is what I prize most. There’s plenty of cannabis that’ll get you high; I’m looking for something that’ll make me better.

My Secret Cup Judges Scores:
Entry #14- 9 out of 10
Entry #15 – 10 out of 10, helluva job!